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Online Proofing System Benefits

  • Faster completion of projects.
  • No special software needed.
  • Online images and easy-to-use feedback tools.
  • Improves collaboration by sharing comments online.
  • Online system allows your clients to evaluate the image anywhere an Internet connection is available.
  • Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Customize with your logo and your company name.
  • Only $99.99 per year with unlimited use!

Online Proofing System Features

  • Customized with your company name and logo.
  • File formats supported: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.
  • Email system notifies your client when a proof is ready.
  • Each email is customized by you.
  • Email reminder feature to prompt your client to provide proof comments.
  • Proof approval requires your client's online signature. You can print the approval page for your records.
  • Approval or changes can easily be provided by your client.
  • Administration site allows you to view your proofs.
  • System allows up to 4 megabyte files.
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Professional Online Proofing System In 3 Easy Steps: 1. Upload a proof. 2. Your client reviews the image and approves it or advises changes. 3. You are notified that your client has submitted their proof info. 3A. If approved, you proceed with your client's products. 3B. If changes are needed, you upload a revised proof. That's all it takes! Register And Pay Yearly Subscription • Your small business yearly subscription provides unlimited use and unlimited proofs for an entire year. • Your company name is included on all proof pages. • Optionally, include your logo on all of your proof pages. Customize And Personalize Your Proof Email Notices • Email proof notices your client receives are sent with your email address as the sender. • Set-up your email proof notices once for ALL of your clients, current and future. • A few simple steps allow you to customize the email notice to your clients. • Our dynamic email system uses a variety of variables (client name, proof file name, your contact info, instructions, etc.) to customize each email proof notice that is sent. Add a Proof Project • Upload your proof image and provide your client's name and email address. • Verify you have uploaded the correct image. • Revised proofs are just as easy to send. That's it! Your client has been notified by a customized and personalized email to review their proof. Proof Review - Make Changes and Provide New Proof • Your client can easily pinpoint and advise of changes needed with our proofing tools. • Zoom: allows your client to enlarge the image for details or see the entire image. • Comment Box Area: Your client can position the box over any portion of the image so you can quickly determine the exact area your client needs changed. • Comment Text Area: Works with the Comment Box to advise of changes. • An Additional Comment area is included for your client to provide any other necessary info. • You receive an email when your client submits the online form. Proof Review - Proof Approved as Shown • Your client approves the proof by including their online signature. • You receive an email when your client submits the online form. Your Administration Features • All of your proof projects are shown on the Projects page. • Ability to include a comment on the proof page your client sees. • View the proof page from your client's point-of-view. • Ability to send a proof reminder email to your client. • See all proof versions and all of your client's revision comments. • Ability to print the proof page, including proof approval with online signature. This is a great way to keep a copy for your records. • Add a program such as PrimoPDF and save the proof approval as a PDF. Contact us for more info regarding this no-extra-charge feature. Experience a live proof - demo it yourself! Click on the blue "View A Sample Proof" button. Scroll-up to the middle of the home page for the button.


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