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1) Open your proof by using the link shown in your email.
2) After you have reviewed your proof, scroll down to fill-out the form and click the Submit My Proof Info button.
* Proof Approved as Shown: This means we will proceed with the art as shown and without any changes.
* Make Changes and Provide New Proof: This means your art will be changed and a new proof will be provided for your approval.

ZOOM Functions:
* Fit setting shows the image completely on the screen.
* 1:1 setting shows the image at approximately original size.
* Plus and Minus settings allow you to adjust the image size as needed.

MOVE IMAGE Function: grab the image with your mouse (standard left clicking of your mouse) to allow the image to be repositioned. This is especially useful when your image is enlarged and needs to be moved about the page for viewing.

ADD A COMMENT Function: Allows you to advise changes. You can position the Box and the Comment Area as needed. You can provide as many Comments as you want.
Step 1: Zoom and position the image as you want.
Step 2: Click the Add A Comment red button to activate the Comment function.
Step 3: Click the image and a Comment Box and Text Area will appear.
* Box Area can be resized as needed to pinpoint an exact area of your proof image.
* Comment Area is to provide written details of changes that are needed for the Box Area.

FEEDBACK COMMENTS provides a list of all of the Comments for your proof.

IMAGE SHOWN shows the proof image you are currently viewing. Click on a thumbnail image to see other versions and comments. Note: you can only Comment on and submit the most current version.